: tilt steering wheel and trac. control?

07-28-13, 12:19 PM
2006 DTS with 83,000 miles, when you try to use the tilt wheel sometimes it does't work. cadillac says there are 3 possible choices, switch or motor or acuator. Has anyone come across this. Can any of these parts be cleaned with electronic cleaner for first choice. all 3 parts from caddy are about $225. also can you get to these parts without taking steering wheel off.
One more question, traction control / service trac control dash light comes on sometimes (no codes) could it be a ground problem? Code for this is DTC P1915. I saw on Ondemand5/Mitchell you can buy a wire harness part # 24236023 and reroute it around scavenger filter and move magnet to a different location on bottom of pan, how hard is it to get to?

07-28-13, 02:08 PM
I think your code P1915 would probably be in the PRNDL safety switch or related wiring...

P1915 - Reverse Switch Circuit Malfunction