: transmission vacum hose, but where?

03-07-05, 09:56 PM
i have changed my valve cover gaskets, when i put the intake assembly back onto the engine i was left with one vacume hose.. it runs from the driver side of the transmission up to the passenger side of the block... i cannot find the location in the engine bay where it connects. this vacume hose allows the transmission to shift into first gear... i know this because it will not down shift into first, unless i manually put it into first gear. this is a ruff transition in and out of first. the transmission is in good condition. i have vol 1 service manual, vol 2 has the transmission info.. can anyone help..

03-08-05, 09:02 AM
The transmission is electronically controlled. The "vacume hose" you are referring to is not a vacuum hose at all: it is a vent hose. It comes from the transmission up towards the engine and then loops down and is left loose. If your transmission won't shift into first (or is very rough shifting), you have a different problem. Since this problem happened right after you worked on the car, make sure that you have not disturbed or broken any connectors or wiring headed to the transmission. If the connection to a solenoid is broken, the transmission will act wierd. If there is nothing obviously broken, you need to read the transmission trouble codes and get the manual.

03-08-05, 02:34 PM
im going to look into the trouble codes and see what i come up with. you may be right.. i hope its just a broken wire, the cost on a new silenoid is 300+ thank you for your advice, it is much apreciated!