: LED Switchbacks installed!

07-28-13, 03:18 AM
Finally modified the turn signal wiring to allow for switchbacks. I am using the Type 1 for now as I ran out of stock on Type 2's.

For those wanting to add this, I just simply replaced the original 3157 socket with another that already had the 3 wire leads.
On the body of the socket, you have: Ground, Minor, Major. I wired them like so:
Ground - spliced into factory ground from original 3157 socket I removed
Minor - spliced using t-tap connectors onto the parking lamp wire (there are 3 leads on the parking lamp: 2x White, 1x Black. Use the SMALLER Gauge White wire)
Major - spliced into factory major lead from original 3157 socket I removed

Additionally, I added a 50W 6Ohm resistor between the GROUND and MAJOR wires. This prevents hyperflashing when using the turn signal.

Ok, onto the photos:

Driving Mode (Upclose - Fog & Switchback):

Driving Mode:

Driving Mode (Parking/HID/Fog/Switchbacks - Angle):

Driving Mode (Parking/HID/Fog/Switchbacks - Front):

Turning Mode:

07-28-13, 07:04 AM
Think you have them wrong. They should be white under normal operation and yellow/amber while activating the turn signals. You either posted pics wrong or wired it wrong.

07-29-13, 05:26 PM
Actually these are type 1s that I switched the pins around to have the amber as driving and white as turn signal. This was due to the fact that with the white on, it over powers the amber when it blinks. Reversing the pins allowed me to maintain switchback function but amber as driving and white as turn. Type 1s, the driving mode lights stay on white the turn signals blink. Type 2, the driving mode lights turn off complete.

here are the type 2 on my Mustang. These are the ones I'm waiting for to come in so I can put them on the Esky.


07-29-13, 05:44 PM
Most states require front turn signals to be amber. That's just another reason to be pulled over.

The switchbacks should be white when running and cut white and flicker amber when the turn signal is activated.

07-29-13, 09:41 PM
+1. Amber is a turn signal color. I also have the switch backs and wired the white lead to the fogs and amber to the factory yellow. When I turn on the blinkers it turns off the white



07-30-13, 09:32 AM
Yep that's the way it will look once I get my Type 2s in. by far one of the best mods (along with the full led conversion).

08-10-13, 11:23 AM
I went the opposite direction and changed all to amber LEDs. Looks great. They do make the correct dual color LED turn signal bulbs for the escalade. Not sure why you had to cut and splice the harness other than you wanted to reverse the white for turn and amber for running.

Looks good though.

08-11-13, 12:18 AM
Splicing was so I could have power source for the running light. if you put a dual color bulb into the factory socket, you will not have a running light. It will only work as a blinker. The factory socket only has ground and major (turn signal). They did not come with a lead for the minor (parking/running light).

Also, I have a type 1 dual color led bulb. These do not function the same as the ones you see now a days online. They were originally white as running light and amber as turn signal. But the type 1, the driving light stays on while the turn function is activated. Since white over powers the amber, you could not see the amber at all during the day. So I reversed the pins to make the amber as running light and white as turn signal. So when the turn signal is activated, the white leds over power the amber and it gives it the blink function.