: catera or no catera, that is the question

93 el
07-27-13, 11:56 PM
How's it going everyone? I own a beautiful 99 Seville sts, but my wife is looking for a car and ran across a catera. A 2001 to be exact. I know these aren't very common, at least in my area, and I don't really know much about them. Do they have a good reputation for being reliable? And safe? I've read a few reviews, but I trust the caddy guys here and I always learn a lot from the greats here.

07-28-13, 02:33 AM
A reputation for being reliable? To put it briefly: No.

Not the worst car in the world, but they can be plagued by a number of problems that might just drive you crazy.

00etc Eldorado
07-28-13, 02:51 AM
My wife owned one she thought it was a good car until we got into it about 3 months then it turned into a money pit . I have family retired from cadillac and they recommend to run from that car

07-28-13, 03:20 AM
"The Cadillac Catera was a mid-size, entry-level luxury sedan manufactured from 1997–2001 in Rüsselsheim, Germany, as a rebadged variant of the Opel Omega = In North America, a badge engineered version of the Omega B and Omega B FL was marketed as the Cadillac Catera = Omega B FL (1999–2003)".
Are you or do you know a mechanic fluent in Opel?
Have you looked at parts prices and availability?
I would vote no.

07-29-13, 10:31 PM
The car is a piece of crap. You would be a fool to even consider acquiring one. Read the posts here. The car is so bad, I've had Caddy dealer owner say that they don't even want to work on them.

However I'd say the car is safe, if you use size as a metric. Comfortable to drive, yes. Nice sound system. Never a problem with it. But the car in general is bad! Stay away.

08-01-13, 08:41 PM
I'll put it bluntly....RUN!

Biggest pile-O-crap Cadillac, I mean Opel, has ever built...

At least the Cimarron was a dressed up domestic Cavalier...

I laugh whenever I see a Catera, that car is NOT a Cadillac!

93 el
08-01-13, 10:41 PM
Haha ok guys, once again, I appreciate the input. Not going with the opel. Still looking.... til next time

08-18-13, 12:15 AM
Yes the car is a challenge I have a Survivor 1997 catera treat it special and my wife refuses to drive anything else the handling and comfort compare with ny deville!

09-05-13, 03:53 PM
Catera still better than anything with an early Northstar.