: Seat control panel 2005 STS

07-27-13, 07:32 PM
I have a 2005 STS. The plastic panel that holds the power seat controls has a broken tab, and it is loose. Does anyone know where I might find that part? Thanks for any help,


07-27-13, 07:41 PM
Got a new one at my Cadillac dealer, NOT very expensive.
seems around $ 20.00.
Be sure to pull out ALL the broken stubs, the protusions
that connect the panel to the seat.
Like a pair of channel locks.
Release the switches from the OLD bezel,
Install in NEW bezel, and push on to the seat cushion.
Happy Motoring :cool2::cool::cool2:

07-27-13, 08:08 PM
Thanks for the info. I'll pick one up, Monday.

07-28-13, 02:40 PM
Mine was broken and replaced prior to buying the car. I was told and located many on eBay. Good luck!

07-28-13, 04:36 PM
FYI it's called a "bezel"

07-28-13, 07:38 PM
For the cost of a new one and possibly having to pay shipping, I wouldn't waste my time on used. Just call your dealer. As was mentioned, these are typically under $20 from GM.

08-01-13, 08:49 PM
I just bought one for mine 2 days ago at my local GM dealer and it was around $15.00

08-02-13, 04:35 PM
Bought some about 2 weeks ago from gmpartsnow all under $10 got them in 2 days, exact fit.