View Full Version : Wheel lug torque ?

07-27-13, 09:11 AM
Ok guys -

What's the final word on the wheel lug torque? I have read 140 lb-ft from factory, then I later read 158 lb-ft due to clicking, then I read 110 lb-ft with the new lug nuts on the front wheels.

My tire shop fixed a nail in my back tire and torqued it to 100 yesterday after reinstalling. Should I re-torque or will the wheel fall off ? (My Corvette is spec'd at 100 lb-ft.) Should all 4 wheels be torqued the same now at 110 lb-ft? Are the rear wheels as much an issue as the front wheels from a torque standpoint (ie, turning forces, etc.)

Also note that 100 lb-ft is the same as 140 N-m. ???


Club Malibu
07-27-13, 09:57 AM
I haven't seen/heard anything from factory after all this wheel clicking aftermath but just go to 140 lb-ft.