: thinking about selling one of my 2005 cts v, one stock, the other with 100k in mods

07-26-13, 06:40 PM
Hi guys, Just getting rid of some cars lately that I don't use much of.

Both 2005, however. One I have has pretty much one of everything on it. Including a lingenfelter lsx iron block engine with edelbrock heads, and a 2300 tvs blower kit on it. the one with mods has hardly any miles on it, and usually just was used to let customers drive while I was working on their vehicles. It even has a viper rear end in the car. Ive owned both since 2005.

What my goal was, is to maybe sell off all the aftermarket parts and make both of them stock?? Or does anyone want a dumb fast car to play around with? The stock one, has 22k miles on it, and the modified one has maybe 13k? Maybe more, maybe less, I pulled the battery when I stored it 2 years ago. Both are grey. The modified one can be seen here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLSnqabgJKo

That was with smaller blower in those photos. With nitrous engine hits over 1000. I lowered power, put in smaller fuel pumps, and removed most of the nitrous from the car.

The car is loud, very loud, Even with the full exhaust on. Blower is very loud.

Textralia triple disc clutch I believe is in the car, modified 6 speed transmission.
B&b headers, exhaust.

If anyone wants parts, I will consider cash and trade for stock stuff. Or email me an offer for the whole lot. I would rather people enjoy the things instead of it all just sitting in storage warehouses. The car is very fun to drive. I just don't have to time to drive all of them. So priority cars im keeping and the rest are going...

07-26-13, 07:21 PM
What's your contact info? Your inbox is full.

07-26-13, 07:25 PM
Ugh... Couldn't you have waited til next year... When my wedding was done, and I could have made you an offer on the Maggie :(

Good luck with the sales and such. Miles seem crazy low. I bet they go quick

07-26-13, 07:33 PM
jessebubb @yahoo.com is for contact info.

Yeah miles are low because we just never drive anything for more than a day every few weeks just around town pretty much. But most cars are just in storage forever...... Unless a customer wanted to drive something specific. Most pick the vipers, or something that just looks fast.. The maggy kit is setup very nice. I even think it would fit under the stock hood. I had it all custom one off built for my car. Base, intercoolers, everything...

Customers that have been here to the shop know exactly what I mean.

07-26-13, 08:01 PM
You still tuning cars? Love the silver car in your video. Charger is hella loud but sweet sound.

07-26-13, 10:17 PM
You still tuning cars? Love the silver car in your video. Charger is hella loud but sweet sound.

Yea the sound of the Maggie is half the draw for me... Nothing compares to the shock value of that spinning up when someone is door to door with you.

07-27-13, 01:11 PM
How hard was it to stuff a Viper rear end under a CTS? :yup:

08-07-13, 03:39 PM
How hard was it to stuff a Viper rear end under a CTS? :yup:

^^^ bump, any info W4M? Kind of an interesting concept.

08-10-13, 12:51 AM
How much for the complete exhaust? Im down in Indy could pick up

08-11-13, 02:06 AM
Do you have any axles thatll fit in the stock diff? I keep breaking them and for now need to just find some to keep in the garage as back ups. Til I can get some money for a good rear end. Thanks