: Dirty throttle body?

Mike 09 V
07-26-13, 11:41 AM
Had a CEL turned out to be an emission device, warranty covered it. Then dealer recommended some service, preventative maintenance he called it. Car has 41K miles. He wants to clean the carbon off the throttle body (WTF?) he says it gets carbon on it from the gas. Flush transmission, differential, radiator, brake fluid. $500 bucks. What do you think? (I think it is BS and said no but what do I know?) Especially the throttle body which is miles from any gasoline. 09 CTS V:hmm:

07-26-13, 11:59 AM
it's not carbon, it's oil vapor from the PCV system, and unless you have > 80K on the odo, it's not going to be enough to warrant taking it off to clean.

$500 for the rest of that sounds like a good deal still however. I'm clinically paranoid though and given I know how long it takes to properly do all that, I'd never feel like it had been done unless I sat there and watched them do it.

Coolant/brake flud should be changed every 2 years in my opinion, diff and trans could wait longer(severe service schedule says 50K at least), but depending on your expected ownership period, it might be a feel-good thing to do as well.

07-26-13, 02:16 PM
The junk can build up on the TB if it's not driven much, short trips, or putted around regardless of mileage or crappy gas. I had it done on my 09 at 25 k miles and it was dirty. Sounds like you are getting the same service I got, I also got new cabin filter and air filter and the total was 650. Had it done at Lindsay.

Mike 09 V
07-26-13, 02:50 PM
I replace my own filters cabin air 5 minutes, air cleaner 15 minutes. I get them at O'reilly Auto Parts.

07-26-13, 08:19 PM
My TB had a yellowed flap when I swapped the Airaid in at 5k miles. No idea what it looks like on the other side of that flap though.

07-28-13, 02:34 PM
500 is a good deal.

07-28-13, 02:49 PM
If you have some time and like working on the car yourself, you can do all those proposed things for under $150.

07-28-13, 03:42 PM
I had the use the BG cleaning procedure, that cleaned the intake, valves, and the TB.