: Northstar Intermittent misfire-Pulling hair out!!

03-06-05, 04:53 PM

Northstar Intermittent misfire-Pulling hair out!!

Now what? My 96 Eldorado (60,000 miles) still has an intermittent misfire on #1 cylinder. The darn thing might run fine for weeks at a time and never miss a lick then when you least expect it, it starts missing again. When it sets a code it is always #1 cylinder misfire.
One thing you can bet on, it darn sure will not misfire when you take it to a tech to be checked out! 3 trips to the shop, ran great all 3 times.

So far I have installed New AC plugs properly gaped and installed, New Factory plug wires, replaced the coil pack with factory A/C Delco replacement. Engine idles fine but misses sometimes on acceleration or when pulling a slight grade. The misfire usually occurs below 3000 RPM. There have been a couple of times that the engine sounded like it backfired just as the misfire started. (Fuel injector maybe?) I have preformed all of the different suggested test that I have seen on the forum with no negative results and have now resorted to parts changing as a last ditch effort. Next comes the 16 lb sledge or maybe a trip to the crusher. LOL

03-06-05, 05:14 PM
Try swapping the #1 injector with #3 injector to see if the miss follows that injector.