: 69 deville vacuum diagram

07-25-13, 11:19 AM
A regular customer brought in an neighbors just purchased 69 deville convertible. Car had been sitting for a while. We got it running. Changed oil and flushed coolant. When we went to fill the overflow bottle we found a mouse nest. There is a hole in the bottle (where can we get one?) All the vacuum lines under the hood were part of the mouse house. I need to know how to run every vac line under the hood. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Randy

07-25-13, 01:03 PM
Hey Randy. Unfortunately there's no real documentation on that.

I even have the 1969 factory service manual and there is no vacuum diagram in there.

It's been requested here a number of times and I don't think anyone has ever produced one (though i could be wrong). I eventually gave up and just routed it however I could (luckily mine just had a few disconnected hoses)

07-25-13, 03:01 PM
You might try a smog shop. depending where you live, smog tests were at one time required on that old of a car and the shop was required to have vacuum hose routing diagrams.