: RX Performance Catch Can Update

07-24-13, 09:00 PM
As this is a pretty tight community, I feel the need to objectively share my experience so you guys can be informed consumers. I've wanted to add a catch can to my V for two months. I read the threads about the RX being the best but taking a long time for delivery and saw there have been disgruntled buyers in the past. I figured timing didn't matter that much to me and went ahead with an order. You've heard this story before. The back order time was listed as 'two weeks'. They were in prompt email contact with me throughout ordering (I had a few questions) and during requests for updates. The reply each time was that its still on back order. They even said I could come by when it's ready and Tracy would install it for me since I live fairly close. I was planning on doing just that. At 4 weeks after ordering I decided that timing was more important to me and requested cancellation and refund. I sent requests both via email 3 times and by calling their business number, but I received no replies to any of my efforts. I finally filed a claim with PayPal and PayPal just issued me a refund. RX may make a good product but their customer service still seems to be lacking. Who knows how things would have gone if I kept waiting. If they would have either given me 1) an accurate assessment of timing for delivery or 2) cancellation and a refund, I would never have been dissatisfied with the interaction with them. Instead they chose to go under the radar and ignore my requests to cancel the order. Just want to let everyone know who may be considering an order.