View Full Version : Actual exhaust size 3.6DI

07-24-13, 02:50 PM
I purchased some band style clamps in 2.25" to start some testing and modding to my exhaust. 2.25" will not clamp down. I don't believe, contrary to popular belief that we have a 2.25" system on our cars. Unless Gm uses thinner walled pipe than normal. It was close but would not tighten up. I have now purchased 2" one and I will get a actual inside measurement when I cut it. Unless someone can enlighten me.

07-29-13, 09:06 AM
2" exhaust on my '11 coupe

08-01-13, 02:25 PM
That's what I thought. So was there some years that had a 2.25" or was that just guys measuring the outside of the pipe?