: 1997 Catera Starter

Zack Taylor
03-05-05, 10:50 AM
My 1997 Catera suddenly won't start. The battery is two days old. You hear an audible click like something is engaging when the key is turned. Are starters tough to replace in the Catera? Are there any pics available of this engine? How about online instructions or service manuals?
Any help would be appreciated greatly!

03-05-05, 02:58 PM
I notice that you say the battery is 2 days old. Before you go and replace the starter, why did you happen to replace the battery? Was the old one mysteriously losing its charge? Are you absolutely sure that the new battery is fully charged and that all of the connections are tight? I'm always suspicious of electrical problems that show up right after the battery was replaced. Have you tried jumping the car from another vehicle?

12-26-05, 11:21 PM
I was looking for help on this because I just replaced the starter in my Catera. I couldnt find anything on it and I ended up guessing the entire way trying to get the starter out.

What I had to do was loosen the right engine mount so I was able to spin it. Then of course you remove the bolts from the starter and slide her out.

I didnt know that when I tried to remove the starter before. I got it all unbolted and couldnt remove the starter because it was stuck between the transmission block and the engine mount. I had a 9 1/2" starter. Some Cateras have a 9" starter and you probably can remove a 9" starter without loosening the engine mount.

There are 4 bolts in the engine mount. 2 near the starter, 1 on the other side that is rather difficult to remove because a a set of thick wires that are screwed to the mount, and one is hidden behind the bulb that bolts to the frame of the car. I had to remove the bulb before I could get to the last bolt in the engine mount. There are two bolts connecting the bulb to the frame. I had to jack up the engine to get the bulb out. The top bolt on the bulb can be accessed by removing your overflow tank. I beleive the bolts for the engine mount were 15mm. It's all I can remember right now but it's a lot more information then I had to work with. I hope this helps someone in the future.