View Full Version : Cloth Top Emblems - To glue or not to glue...

07-24-13, 01:49 AM
I noticed yesterday that one of the wreaths is detaching from the cloth top...it's only about 1/3rd of the way detached. It looks as though the adhesive is not good...and pressing it back down does nothing to make it stick again. I don't know if I can glue it back or if I should just go to the dealer and buy a new one. If it can be glued, is there a certain type of glue that is preferable?


07-24-13, 05:50 AM
The dealer won't have a replacement emblem, the top isn't made by GM.

3M emblem and trim adhesive, any parts store.

07-27-13, 04:20 AM
Actually, the dealer does have replacement emblems. I stopped by there yesterday and the parts manager said he can get me the emblem...but instead, he gave me a footlong strip of 3M tape and said "no need to buy when you can do it yourself for free". He definitely recommended that glue NOT be used on the top.

07-27-13, 05:15 PM
They have emblems for the car, but the emblem for your roof was not originally intended to go there. You'd be taking a guess as to what model it's from, and what its original location was, so how would you order one? Which emblem would you ask for? Because there's no listing in their computer for DTS carriage roof emblem.

And I STRONGLY recommend you do mot use the double sided tape he gave you. 3M tape is designed to stick to smooth, solid surfaces, NOT cloth or vinyl. Use the correct 3M trim adhesive.

07-29-13, 12:21 AM
This dealership is the one that installed the top, it's emblems and had the gold package done to the car...they have a "boutique shop" within the dealership. The manager said they could sell me a replacement emblem...with the gold plating, even. I'm assuming they have a stock of emblems...or at least a particular part number they traditionally use. Otherwise, I'm with you...I don't know from which car they came...or from which location on the car.

I will look for the 3M trim adhesive...I have to go buy a cabin filter, so I'll be at the auto parts store anyhow.

Cheers for the info.

07-29-13, 12:41 AM
It's VERY rare that dealership has employees to install roof treatments. Usually, the cars are sent out to a specialty shop, or the dealer has specialists come in to install it there.

If you buy a new emblem, it will have double sided tape on it already. I would remove it, and use the 3M trim adhesive.

07-29-13, 01:04 AM
I know what you mean...I've never seen a dealership like it before.

I want to reuse my emblem...so I'll use the 3M trim adhesive.

07-29-13, 01:29 AM
Just be neat, and don't overdo it. Get yourself some painters masking tape to hold the emblem in place while the adhesive dries.