: 1967 Sedan Deville (Project)

07-23-13, 07:33 PM
Hi All,

I have a 1967 Sedan Deville I bought nearly 4yr ago that turned into a project. I've since had a second kid and simply don't have the time or motivation to finish.

You can read some of the saga of how I bought it, and began to work on it on my blog. http://www.nslms.com/category/cars/1967-cadillac-sedan-deville/

What's Good:

Completely Rebuilt Transmission TH400 "Switch Pitch"
New "Switch Pitch" Torque Converter
Hardened valve seats for unleaded fuel
Recent engine overhaul
Largely new suspension bushings and parts
New shocks
Front disc brake conversion brackets
New u-joints
Probably other stuff I've forgotten

What's Not So Good:

Significant surface rust (see pictures on blog)
Rusted through around rear window
It's apart right now (I told you it was a project)
Interior needs love

The car is all original, and the body is straight aside from the rust. This would be a great parts car particularly if you've got a car with great body/paint/interior but a tired drivetrain.

I'm listing this to gauge interest.. I'm happy to take more photos and post them, plus you can find a bunch here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/rgeyer/collections/72157623338457018/

Make me an offer, tell me where to go, whatever you like. :)

07-25-13, 04:50 PM

Any interest folks? I'm willing to part this out too, feel free to make me offers.