: OEM Shock Absorbers

07-23-13, 08:34 AM
My rear shocks have a slow leak and will probably need to be replaced soon. Does anyone know where the OEM shocks can be purchased that may beat the dealer price? I was quoted $1,260.00 to replace the rear two shock absorbers (about $500 ea for the parts only). If anyone has any insight, or a resource for finding the OEM shocks for less I would be greatly appreciative.

Tro Budden
07-23-13, 09:10 AM
Ive got 3 leaky shocks right now, and yeah ive been quoted around that price for some new ones. im still driving on them and the sport mode and tour still work fine, the only thing ive noticed is a little chatter when rolling over cracks in the road.

07-23-13, 09:11 AM

Rear shock are about 240 each


07-23-13, 09:41 AM
PM or EMail me your VIN and I'll see what kind of deal I can offer you

07-23-13, 09:44 AM
Yea the ride doesn't seem too jeopardized but I have never driven it with new shocks so I don't have much to compare with. And thanks for finding that zerocal. I have heard good things about GMParsDirect, I might give them a try.

07-23-13, 09:48 AM
I'd give Rippy a chance too. GMParts Direct charges insane shipping.

07-23-13, 09:50 AM
I PMed you Rippy, Thanks!

07-23-13, 10:19 AM
yes, GMPD often charges crazy amounts for their shipping, handling, and processing
by the time you add those costs into the price of your parts to get you total price my pricing is pretty competitive

also, clear out your inbox/outbox K-man

07-23-13, 10:25 AM
Yea sorry about that, all cleared now

07-23-13, 10:35 AM
Check Rock Auto also.

mr weather
07-23-13, 11:01 AM
Apologies in advance for hijacking but what are the signs/symptoms of the shocks going bad? A visible fluid leak? No change in handling in Sport mode?

07-23-13, 11:13 AM
It's a pretty gradual degradation in quality over time. You won't really notice it driving until you get new ones and then you 'll be like WOW. Leak is a clear sign of pending failure. I've always used the bounce test. Push one corner of the car down and see if it bounces up and down. It should return up and stop. If it bounces more, shocks are done. If you track your V I would think it would be much more obvious when they start to wear out.

07-24-13, 10:44 AM
That may be old school, but mine have never gotten that bad by bouncing them. I've had my rears replaced 3-4? times, and fronts once due to leakage. It's very visible to with the dirt buildup. I've never really noticed much of a difference myself.