: XLR-Specific Events - 24 Aug Carmel Artomobilia and 26-29 Sep XLR 10th Anniversary

07-23-13, 01:12 AM
I have been remiss in my duties to inform this community of upcoming events, And I apologize.

Our XLR club has been working on getting together for several events this year and most plans have finally been completed.

24 Aug 2013: Carmel Artomobilia (http://www.carmelartomobilia.com/guide/)

Located in the quaint town of Carmel, about 20 miles North of Indianapolis, Artomobilia is a celebration of the automobile as art. All of the towns main streets will be closed and cars of every vintage and class will be on display.

XLRs are not in the judging classes, but we have had the largest car corral of the event for the last two years. And this year is proving to be no different. XLRs will be coming in from five states that we know of. This is considered a local event for our club since we launch most of our events/activities from Indy.

If you'd like to join us, registration closes 1 Aug. You can register for the car corral here http://www.carmelartomobilia.com/corral-registration/. Our club will have two or three canopies, plenty of cold drinks and snacks. And fun will be had by all.


http://i943.photobucket.com/albums/ad271/GizmoQ/Midwest%20Marauders/2012%2008%20Artomobilia/2012-08-25-0150.jpg (http://s943.photobucket.com/user/GizmoQ/media/Midwest%20Marauders/2012%2008%20Artomobilia/2012-08-25-0150.jpg.html)

26-29 Sep 2013: XLR Bowling Green Homecoming

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the first production XLR, we are having a National gathering of XLRs in Bowling Green hosted in part by our friends at the Bowling Green Corvette Club (BGCC) and the Corvette National Museum. Thursday will be a meet and greet dinner. Friday will be a tour of the Corvette museum. And Saturday will be a car show with awards hosted by BGCC. XLR owners from all over the country and Canada will be in attendance. This will be the biggest gathering of XLRs this year. Our last National event in BG had 42 XLRs in attendance and we'd love to exceed that number.

http://i943.photobucket.com/albums/ad271/GizmoQ/Midwest%20Marauders/2011%20NCH/nch0036.jpg (http://s943.photobucket.com/user/GizmoQ/media/Midwest%20Marauders/2011%20NCH/nch0036.jpg.html)
http://i943.photobucket.com/albums/ad271/GizmoQ/Midwest%20Marauders/2011%20NCH/museumpanarama4.jpg (http://s943.photobucket.com/user/GizmoQ/media/Midwest%20Marauders/2011%20NCH/museumpanarama4.jpg.html)

http://i943.photobucket.com/albums/ad271/GizmoQ/Midwest%20Marauders/2011%20NCH/IMG_5809-1.jpg (http://s943.photobucket.com/user/GizmoQ/media/Midwest%20Marauders/2011%20NCH/IMG_5809-1.jpg.html)

As a side note, we'll have an XLR car corral at the 2-4 Aug Mid-Ohio IndyCar/World Challenge Races and the 21 Sep Mid America Motorworks Corvette FunFest.

Feel free to contact me for more information.

Classical Glass
09-01-13, 08:56 PM
Can you send me more information on the 10th Anniversary in Bowling Green Sept.26-29?

09-02-13, 01:47 AM
Can you send me more information on the 10th Anniversary in Bowling Green Sept.26-29?

Check your PM box.


Thursday, travel day. Meet & Great @ host hotel, Hilton Garden Inn Bowling Green. Welcome dinner @ one of the restaurants near the hotel.

Friday, NCM visit. ** We have some very cool stuff in the works so we'll leave most of the day open @ this time. Dinner Drive, maybe Barren River Lake State Park (great photos @ lake) or WahBahs.

Saturday, BGACC Vettes & Pets Car show @ the Bowling Green Assembly Plant, 8:00 am - 3:00 pm. This will be a great time to get pictures of you & your XLR (s) @ the plant & meet some of the people who built the XLR. Dinner Drive after the show.

Sunday, farewell breakfast, travel day.

We currently have 30 XLR's for the event:

Chicago Dave & Devin
Victor-V & XLRATING (2 XLRs)
Cubby & Supa (XLR-V & CTS-V)
graytoad & Steve
Popbigguy & Rogene
BobW & Gayle
GizmoQ & PJ
Crimson Pearl & Alexis
Tiffany's Dad & Missy Bling
Misty & Sequin
Vinman & Lori
SrChief & Jean
Whit & Coyote Karen (XLR-V & ZR-1 Corvette)
onalaska & Diane
civilone & Tina
silverstreak & Sharon
WB6BBZ & Gina
Jack & Lynda Parker
ald42 & Judy
Maurice & Linda Tipton
unionrunner & Coach
Harrisburg Hat


Hilton Garden Inn, Bowling Green, KY
Call: 270-781-6778[/B]
$93.00 a night Sept. 25 checking out on Sept. 29. This rate is for rooms with 1 King bed or 2 Queen beds. There are 40 rooms blocked, 30 King beds & 10 with 2 Queen beds. The rooms are blocked for the Vettes & Pets Car show put on by The Bowling Green Assembly Corvette Club (BGACC).
When you call the hotel, let them know you are with the Vettes & Pets Car show. I recommend you call the phone number above to book you room.

A mobile detailing company we trust has been arranged, $50 for a wash, wax & sweep out the interior. He should be set up @ the Hilton Garden Inn on Thursday afternoon.

The NCM group tour is scheduled for 3pm on Friday Sept. 27, this should leave us enough time to get back from our lunch drive. We could have a guided tour group for those that would like one & the rest could go through on their own. The cost is $7 per person, free if you're an NCM member.

The BGACC is very excited about the XLRs that will be @ the show. The XLRs will have their own parking section, so it should be quite a sight seeing them all together @ the plant! The BGACC will have an XLR class @ the show that will be judged by former XLR workers from the plant. Dave is also planning to lead a country drive & dinner on either Friday or Saturday for you guys that are interested. They are going to check with the local Cadillac dealer about an XLR visit while you all are in town. If anyone is 'on the fence' about coming or not coming to this event, you should seriously consider coming!! Dave Chrisley has a lot of things for us XLR owners, that will most likely never happen again. The plant has found some XLR material that they are saving for this event!! Car Art Work will also be there with all their Cadillac, XLR metal art work!! This will probably be the last XLR event with any kind of GM involvement. Crissley is arranging a special tour for us. No open toed shoes or sandals. Also as a special note: On Saturdays Car Show at the plant, No Alcohol is allowed on the GM premises!! Keep that in mind when loading up for Saturdays show. There will be some other things forthcoming as we get nearer to the event.

Dash plaques have been created to commemorate the event:
http://i943.photobucket.com/albums/ad271/GizmoQ/Midwest%20Marauders/2013%2009%20BG%20Homecoming/th_2013Bowling_Grdashplaque_zps9d1c0586.jpg (http://s943.photobucket.com/user/GizmoQ/media/Midwest%20Marauders/2013%2009%20BG%20Homecoming/2013Bowling_Grdashplaque_zps9d1c0586.jpg.html)

T-Shirts and Polo Shirts are in the works.

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