: Interior lights won't turn off

07-22-13, 09:00 PM
Hey guys, does any of you have ever had problems with the interior lights? Mine first did not want to turn off, and my power lock stopped working. I have changed the dimmer switch, the headlight switch. Nothing. As of today my dash lights went out as well. I took the dash apart, seems like everything is OK...
I don't know how to proceed? Any ideas?

07-22-13, 10:28 PM
It has an illuminated entry timer switch. It is located on the left side behind the light switch just below the left speaker. It's white in color.
Let me get a visual here.
You open door, lights come on, door closed, lights still on. Insert key in ignition, turn key over to start, lights should go off , but in your case, lights still on, right?


Dash can be a fuse. I don't recall which one at the moment. Maybe someone else can chime in...

07-24-13, 10:56 AM
I/P fuse is 5 amp.....the courtesy lights are on the lighter fuse ........the illuminated entry will be on will be on GA trans fuse and or body fuse. Most times this issue is a ground problem but not always.

07-24-13, 01:43 PM
Check the yellow BODY fuse 20 amp or If it has the old style glass fuses check all of them with the key on, car off, with a test light. If it blows the power door locks quit and the interior lights stay on dimly. Usually caused by a shorted cigarette lighter socket front or back. Check all sockets for tin foil or dimes etc. Also this fuse can blow by using a loose socket phone charger in a lighter socket. Dash lights quitting is also probably a fuse caused by replacement of the headlight switch and you not having the battery disconnected while replacing.

07-26-13, 01:01 AM
The wire can also come off the switch at the door and cause the lights to stay on if it touches the metal of the car. You probably have multiple problems since it didn't all just start at once.

07-31-13, 01:27 AM
Thanks for the ideas guys. Sorry that I did not write here sooner, just had no time... So, meantime my dashlights are back, all by themselves, they just started working again... Hopefully they stay that way. Carnut: that is exactly how it is. My lights are on dimly, and my power doors quit. I did check that BODY fuse before, and it is blown. I replaced it, everything worked perfectly, but than it blew again in about half an hour. I checked the front lighter, that looks fine, but my daughter loves to play on the backseat, maybe she did manage to stick something in one of the rear lighters. I will check it first thing in the morning. I will let you know.
Thank you for your help!

09-21-15, 08:04 PM
Hi guys on this note same issue, lights stay on unless i pull the fuse. Ive opened the dash and can not locate the timer, Ive looked high and low for the module with orange and white and gray and white wires nowhere obvious. I also pulled the relay panel next to the fuse panel and its not there either. I have an 81 Fleetwood Brougham 2 door. Any help would be appreciated. I ve scoured all the online ideas and still cant find the illumination timer.