: 6.2 intake problem

Kevin Dot
07-22-13, 07:00 PM
I just installed a new afe cold air intake on my 2007 ext and now my check engine light came on no just wondering if anyone else had the same problem?

07-22-13, 07:49 PM
Our shop installs several a month and never had an issue, check that there is no debris on the MAF sensor, you may have got some sucked thru the intake filter, you using the 5411072 or the 5481072? Make sure you have good connection at the t-body too. Then disconnect the battery for 5 minutes, make sure your radio and hvac system is off before disconnecting the battery. Welcome to the forum. :)

07-23-13, 07:42 AM
Did you forget to plug in your MAF after installation?