: Offset question

07-22-13, 06:27 PM
Just picked up a 2013 Platinum XTS!

I wanted to change the wheels to give it a bit more aggressive look.

MY QUESTIONS: I wanted to know whats the proper offset for 22" wheels staggered. Also whats the largest width can I go in the front and rear without rubbing. AND the proper tire sizes for the front and rear?

Thanks in advance!

flying fossil
07-23-13, 11:30 AM
Your local tire/wheel store has all your answers.

07-23-13, 12:43 PM
Your local tire/wheel store has all your answers.Excellent answer. This says it all. The end.

07-23-13, 05:16 PM
I might want to buy from ebay or craigslist. which I do 99% of the time

07-23-13, 05:26 PM
The answer remains the same.

flying fossil
07-24-13, 12:14 PM
I might want to buy from ebay or craigslist. which I do 99% of the time

Best of luck to you with those sources.

07-24-13, 02:18 PM
It's not just a matter of "fitting" the tires into the wheel well. Anytime you modify wheel/tire size from the original, you start messing up speedometers, ABS calibrations, and especially the front suspension. I'd think hard about doing it to a premium vehicle. My two cents.

07-24-13, 07:39 PM
Roger that. The wheels that came with the car were well thought out and TESTED for handling and ride. Many other components rely on that wheel and its size. Don't mess with success.

07-24-13, 07:42 PM
The end.

08-02-13, 05:20 AM
You can change your wheels and tires - even their sizes - just so long as it is done correctly,which typically requires a professional as well as a custom fitment. So 'one-application-fits-most' would definitely be a mistake, on this vehicle.

08-02-13, 05:41 AM
.....It's really not all that complicated.

You can use whatever diameter rim you want, as long as the outside diameter of the new tire is within ~1/4" of that of the OEM tire.

Keep width and offset the same or VERY close, and there should be no rubbing issues.

Look up the specs of your OEM tire size on www.tirerack.com . Then, look at tires of the same width, but 22" rim size, and figure out which aspect ratio you need to keep the OD the same as the OEM tires.

What are you referring to by "staggered"? Width?

08-02-13, 09:26 AM
I'd try my best to keep the offset, rim size and rim weight as close as possible. The entire suspension on each corner of your car and each part is designed to work together. Those factors I just listed determine the bound/rebound and overall ride comfort.

Of course I've always turned a blind eye to that stuff when it came to sports cars, drag racing. I actually wanted the stiffer ride and swapped everything out from shocks/springs/wheels/tires/swaybars etc... but if you're doing that in a wicked expensive Caddy; eh man I dunno to each their own but I wouldn't do a damn thing to mess with the smooth ride of the XTS.