: Part Number Confirmation for Rear Climate Control Vent

07-22-13, 05:13 PM
I have a new Cadillac and there is one thing wrong with it. My rear climate control vents are busted so that they cannot be directed where you want them.
2006 Cadillac DTS
I think this is called the "Air Deflector" and the color is Titanium.


07-24-13, 01:42 AM
Same problem here...vents completely busted out...but mine are ebony.

07-24-13, 09:56 AM
Contact Chris at Rippy Cadillac and order the vents from him.
He gives good prices to forum members.

See Rippy Cadillac ad on the right side of the page.

07-27-13, 04:24 AM
FYI, I stopped by one of our Cadillac dealerships and checked, since I need the vents, too. He gave a part number as 1-25770289. As I mentioned in my post above, mine is "ebony" color (black)...and he used my car's VIN to look up the part number...so I don't know if that part number is "Order by Color" or already is reflecting the ebony color for my particular car. They cost about $55 or so. Hope this helps.