: 95 SLS how to check coolant levels?

09-30-03, 05:19 PM
I cant seem to find where to check the coolant level. I have the message check coolant level. So I look and find what i think is the lid to the coolant and it says check bottle for coolant level... I cant seem to find this bottle it speaks of. The thing i think is the lid is on the far passenger side of the car.

Anyone know where to check the level?

09-30-03, 05:40 PM
Look into the big res tank, pass side..... Look in the manual to see what the approx. level is supposed to be.....

09-30-03, 10:14 PM
OH! so im suppose to look inside it? Im use to a clear thing you can just look at. and the lid says "bottle" so i didnt think it was the black thing where it looks like the AC freon can sits.

10-01-03, 12:55 AM
The coolant resev. that you are looking for is on the pass side of the engine. It is a black container that you will not be able to see thru. You will noticed a small coolant hose running from near the cap to a pipe under the intake/plen. cover. Fill it just to wear you see coolant in the bottle. Over fill it, you will just lose the extra. You may need to tap on the resev. to loosen any air bubbles that will get trapped on the level sensor. It could take time.