: Play Ball!!!

03-03-05, 01:28 PM
It's BASEBALL season again!!!

Oh happy day!!!

Go Tigers!!!

03-03-05, 02:49 PM
NY Mets yaaaaaaaaaaa. Yeah right my team sucks.

03-03-05, 02:50 PM
We're all undefeated for another few weeks.

03-03-05, 03:45 PM
NY Mets yaaaaaaaaaaa. Yeah right my team sucks.

Another vote for the Metropolitans!!! Meaningful games....until June, at least.....maybe....

03-03-05, 03:49 PM
Go Athletics? :hide:

03-03-05, 03:52 PM

WOO HOO ...were going all the way this year .....TO THE BEER STAND !!!!

what a year so far , bucs have been miseable , Lightnig are strikeing so we cant come back to kick some canuck arse ....and then theres the devil rays ....

Its rooot root root for the home team ...if they dont win its...... normal.....for its one two three giant beers im out... at the old ball game .....

03-03-05, 04:08 PM
Ugh. Baseball. :boring: :boring: :boring: :boring: :boring: :boring: :boring: :boring: :boring: :boring:

03-03-05, 04:20 PM
Baseball and Football

Baseball is different from any other sport, very different. For instance, in most sports you score points or goals; in baseball you score runs. In most sports the ball, or object, is put in play by the offensive team; in baseball the defensive team puts the ball in play, and only the defense is allowed to touch the ball. In fact, in baseball if an offensive player touches the ball intentionally, he's out; sometimes unintentionally, he's out.

Also: in football,basketball, soccer, volleyball, and all sports played with a ball, you score with the ball and in baseball the ball prevents you from scoring.

In most sports the team is run by a coach; in baseball the team is run by a manager. And only in baseball does the manager or coach wear the same clothing the players do. If you'd ever seen John Madden in his Oakland Raiders uniform,you'd know the reason for this custom.

Now, I've mentioned football. Baseball & football are the two most popular spectator sports in this country. And as such, it seems they ought to be able to tell us something about ourselves and our values.

I enjoy comparing baseball and football:

Baseball is a nineteenth-century pastoral game.
Football is a twentieth-century technological struggle.

Baseball is played on a diamond, in a park.The baseball park!
Football is played on a gridiron, in a stadium, sometimes called Soldier Field or War Memorial Stadium.

Baseball begins in the spring, the season of new life.
Football begins in the fall, when everything's dying.

In football you wear a helmet.
In baseball you wear a cap.

Football is concerned with downs - what down is it?
Baseball is concerned with ups - who's up?

In football you receive a penalty.
In baseball you make an error.

In football the specialist comes in to kick.
In baseball the specialist comes in to relieve somebody.

Football has hitting, clipping, spearing, piling on, personal fouls, late hitting and unnecessary roughness.
Baseball has the sacrifice.

Football is played in any kind of weather: rain, snow, sleet, hail, fog...
In baseball, if it rains, we don't go out to play.

Baseball has the seventh inning stretch.
Football has the two minute warning.

Baseball has no time limit: we don't know when it's gonna end - might have extra innings.
Football is rigidly timed, and it will end even if we've got to go to sudden death.

In baseball, during the game, in the stands, there's kind of a picnic feeling; emotions may run high or low, but there's not too much unpleasantness.
In football, during the game in the stands, you can be sure that at least twenty-seven times you're capable of taking the life of a fellow human being.

And finally, the objectives of the two games are completely different:

In football the object is for the quarterback, also known as the field general, to be on target with his aerial assault, riddling the defense by hitting his receivers with deadly accuracy in spite of the blitz, even if he has to use shotgun. With short bullet passes and long bombs, he marches his troops into enemy territory, balancing this aerial assault with a sustained ground attack that punches holes in the forward wall of the enemy's defensive line.

In baseball the object is to go home! And to be safe! - I hope I'll be safe at home!

George is a funny guy.

03-03-05, 05:00 PM
How about this?

Baseball is the President tossing out the first ball of the season and a scrubby schoolboy playing catch with his dad on a Mississippi farm. A tall, thin old man waving a scorecard from the corner of his dugout. That's baseball. And so is the big, fat guy with a bulbous nose running home one of his 714 home runs.

There's a man in Mobile who remembers that Honus Wagner hit a triple in Pittsburgh forty-six years ago. That's baseball. So is the scout reporting that a sixteen year old pitcher in Cheyenne is a coming Walter Johnson. Baseball is a spirited race of man against man, reflex against reflex. A game of inches. Every skill is measured. Every heroic, every failing is seen and cheered, or booed. And then becomes a statistic.

In baseball democracy shines its clearest. The only race that matters is the race to the bag. The creed is the rulebook. Color merely something to distinguish one team's uniform from another.

Baseball is a rookie. His experience no bigger than the lump in his throat as he begins fulfillment of his dream. It's a veteran too, a tired old man of thirty-five hoping that those aching muscles can pull him through another sweltering August and September. Nicknames are baseball, names like Zeke and Pie and Kiki and Home Run and Cracker and Dizzy and Dazzy.

Baseball is the cool, clear eyes of Rogers Hornsby. The flashing spikes of Ty Cobb, an over aged pixie named Rabbit Maranville.

Baseball just a came as simple as a ball and bat. Yet, as complex as the American spirit it symbolizes. A sport, a business and sometimes almost even a religion.

Why the fairy tale of Willie Mays making a brilliant World's Series catch. And then dashing off to play stick ball in the street with his teenage pals. That's baseball. So is the husky voice of a doomed Lou Gehrig saying., "I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of this earth.

Baseball is cigar smoke, hot roasted peanuts, The Sporting News, ladies day, "Down in Front", Take Me Out to the Ball Game, and the Star Spangled Banner.

Baseball is a tongue tied kid from Georgia growing up to be an announcer and praising the Lord for showing him the way to Cooperstown. This is a game for America. Still a game for America, this baseball!

03-03-05, 05:05 PM
Nice! :)

03-03-05, 07:33 PM
Brewers - World Champions in 2005.

03-03-05, 08:07 PM
Another vote for the Metropolitans!!! Meaningful games....until June, at least.....maybe....

Come on Amazin's

03-03-05, 11:39 PM
Go Twinkies!


03-04-05, 10:48 AM
Brewers - World Champions in 2005.


At least you have Uecker. I'll give you that.

03-04-05, 11:04 AM

At least you have Uecker. I'll give you that.

And you have that cool slide with the brewmaster...and the sausage race...but at Shea we have the top hat with the apple....

03-04-05, 12:23 PM
Let's go Expos !!!! Urrrrrrrrrg I mean Washington ..........waaaahoooooo ...We had one shot at glory back inthe 80's - Rick Monday .........home run .......aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh (still hate the Dodgers)

I was an Expo fan from day one (use to live in Montreal) - was the only loosing team that city would put up for many many years ......

Lately I have made a few trips to San Fran and see Mr. Bonds park a few in the bay .......Go Giants ........

03-04-05, 03:42 PM
One of the most disturbing things I've ever heard in my life was baseball play-by-play done in FRENCH. I guess we'll never hear that again.

03-04-05, 04:28 PM
:histeric: :histeric: :histeric: Il vient l'hauteur. Il frappe la balle. C'est une course de maison :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: (my transaltion skills have wayned since 1974 unfortunatley .....) - We had allot of French Candians playing in those early days days ..Rusty Staub, Mac Jones , Bill Stoneman :cynic: and then of course Ron " that set the all-time mark for getting plunked by enemy hurlers 50 times in 1971" Hunt ......

I was 'anglais and listen to Dave Van Horne on CFCF Radio when I could not make it the "High School park" (Jerry Park) they played in ......