: compression check out of car

03-03-05, 10:54 AM
I have a 98 N* and transaxle I want to check the compression before install. I'm wondering where I would locate th electrical connections for the neutral switch and starter to turn it over with a battery.

03-03-05, 12:37 PM
Look carefully at the intake manifold and find the fat wire harness that comes from under the intake. The starter is under the intake manifold so the battery feed wire and other connections must route from under the intake to the exterior of the engine. Put the battery to the starter feed. Ground the engine to the negative battery terminal. The starter solenoid wire will be a purple wire coming from under the intake I believe. Jump 12 volts to the small, purple wire and the starter should engage.

03-03-05, 07:44 PM
That was fast!! Thanks a bunch!