: "The Passion Re-cut"... Shameless?

03-02-05, 10:00 PM
Ok, so the first one was an amazing and powerful movie regardless of your beliefs, but when I saw these commercials for a RE-Release of a movie that is easily available on DVD and JUST came out less than a year ago, I was a little curious. People always said in the past that Mel Gibson just put out the movie to capitalize on religion, and I never believed that was true, I know his personal convictions had alot to do with it (though he could have donated some of the proceeds, maybe he did I dont know). But when I saw this I thought it was a little ridiculous. Maybe its just to get back at the MPAA for not giving him an award.

03-02-05, 10:20 PM
Bah. He's allowed. The Bible can tell the same story over and over with slightly different variations, why not Mel Gibson?

Or is this like a Kill Christ vol.2?

03-02-05, 10:30 PM
What is it, like an extended version or some carp like that? If it is, then it is obviously an attempt at making more money. I didn't see an extend version of Schindler's List, or the Pianist, so why the The Passion? There is absolutely no reason for it.

Hre's a little story about that movie My firends ( they are Christain and Protestant) and I (and Athiest/Jew), had gone to the theater to see some movie that ended up being sold out. We then had a choice between Starsky and Hutch, and The Passion. I didn't want to see that Passion, and one of my friends didn't want to see Starsky and Hutch. Well, they ended up seeing it without me. When I asked them later how it was, they said it "Sucked!". I asked why, and they said that it catered more towards popular belief, and not actual factual information. That, and they said it was mostly in Aramaic with subtitles, and three out of four of them wear glasses. We later rented Starky and Hutch, and enjoyed it very much, except for my one friend, who's a bit of an a**hole anyway.

In the end, I think Mel Gibson is just trying to squeez more money out of the film, just like George Lucas and the "revised" Star Wars films. Don't get me wrong, I love Stars Wars, but I think it was fine the way it was. I sometimes have nightmares that the Indiana Jones movies got changed.

Maybe they should come out with an extended version of Shindler's List. Like 8 1/2 hours instead of 4. I think people who get a big kick out of that. :thumbsup:

03-02-05, 10:54 PM
I bought a copy of Passion because I never saw it at the theatre. I was dissappointed! I mean, I knew the ending and everything!! :helpless: What a jip. :sneaky:

Seriously, I didn't care for it I mean it's a story we all know already and yes it had that sad whipping scene.

Now if only I could find a copy of "Jesus Christ Superstar" from 1970! That's a cool version.

03-03-05, 05:03 AM
HAHA...Jesus Christ Superstar....hehe. Wasn't that also a broadway production too? That comparison made me think of comparing The Wiz, to the Wizard of Oz. I personally liked the The Wiz a little bit more, but I guess that's just me. :D

03-03-05, 11:21 AM
What did the do, add more violence? :bonkers:

While the movie was well made, and it serves a widely ignored market demographic, I wasn't impressed with it's departure from the book on which it's based.

I'd rate it a C+ and hope that Hollywoods next effort to market a movie to this very large market demographic is much better.

03-04-05, 02:28 AM
OK wait a minute. tell me whats up. there is suppose to be a remake of the movie the Passion after the Passion has already been released on DVD??

Am I getting that right?? Has the 2nd Passion already been released?:hmm:

I got lost someplace after the 6th thread.