: 06-12 DTS Driver / Passenger windshield sun visor size / dimensions.

07-20-13, 06:22 PM
Looking at possibly getting a set of sun visors from the DTS for my STS as I miss having that second "auxiliary" sun visor.
I'm hoping that someone can take some measurements for me from their DTS so that I'll know if there is even a remote chance that these would work.

Could someone take some measurements of the visor length at its longest point and between the two mounts on the roof.

The STS sun visors are 15" long, 12" from center of mountpoint to center of mountpoint, 6 1/4" wide.
The mounting hardware is a bit different on the DTS than the STS but I'm hoping that I can make it work if the overall dimensions are correct.
Mainly just want to get the smaller auxiliary visor to block the sun.

Here are some DTS ones for sale on eBay mainly concerned about the size between the two mounting points.

FWIW I already have the entire windshield tinted at 50%, and there is also the factory blue tint at the top of the window too but its just really not as effective as the visor is.