: Intercooler hose part numbers?

07-20-13, 02:48 PM
Does anyone have the part number for coolant hose that ties into the intercooler lid and into the intercooler pump. This is the one closet to the passenger side of vehicle. I was doing some testing with the 2.4 pulley installed, needless to say possible belt slip caused the belt to shred and pulley flew off of shaft and shredded hose. I am trying to determine what caused pulley to come off. I can see a radiator hose clamp pretty close to the vicinity could have made contact with the belt, other than that I'm wondering if the tensioner is the culprit. Yes I changed the belt to a shorter than stock, I used a Napa 25080537 which is roughly an inch shorter than stock. I need the coolant line before I can put everything back together to retest and get properly tuned. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

07-20-13, 04:30 PM
I found some part numbers from alldata. No pictures though so it looks like a trip to the dealer to figure out which hose I need.

07-20-13, 05:15 PM

07-20-13, 05:25 PM
Is it part 13? If so, then pn 89025032

#13 89025032 HOSE,CHRG AIR CLR COOL(PUMP TO ENGINE) D(LC3) 09 01 $43.59


07-20-13, 05:56 PM
Yes it's number 13. Thanks a lot for the diagram and numbers.