: New to you - with an 06 DTS

07-19-13, 07:08 PM
Hello fellow Cadillac lovers. I have wanted to join this group for some time now and decided that today is the day. I took possession of my 06 DTS in April and right now I am very happy with it. I traded my 01 DTS for this one. Wish I could have kept both. This site has helped many times over the last few years. Whether I am looking for cleaning products or aftermarket suspension advice you guys have been there. Thanks for your support you make it easier to enjoy the ride.

07-19-13, 07:58 PM
Welcome! Glad you decided to join us! Where are you from?

Cadillac Kid03
07-19-13, 08:19 PM
:welcome: Post some photos of that DTS!

07-19-13, 08:40 PM

07-19-13, 10:15 PM

07-19-13, 11:33 PM

07-20-13, 01:09 AM
Welcome! :thumbsup:

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07-22-13, 03:18 PM
Hi there,I am from NY but live in Boston. Which get to be tough during football season. I don't have any pics of my DTS
I will post some as soon as I take some.