: question about offset rims

07-19-13, 05:42 PM
I have an 06 STS the rim state front only and rear only. I believe they are supposed to be different size tires, however they are the same all around it had new tires on it when I bought it however the fronts are on the back according to the rims, it seems to drive ok should i be conserned about anything

07-19-13, 05:52 PM
Check the door

17s have different front and rear rims.

07-19-13, 08:10 PM
Right? Not exactly. Concerned? Depending on the tire size, you're likely OK.

The difference between a 255 & 235 is less than inch (just over 3/4" in treadwidth). Meh?

07-19-13, 08:18 PM
Pop the hub caps. Front wheels say front only. Rear wheels say rear only.

Charles Warren
07-21-13, 11:20 PM
Lets trade then you wont have that problem

07-22-13, 11:10 PM
I like 18". The AWD w' MRC is already firm just due to driveline & heavier anti-sway bars. Tires lower profile than 50 may look great but ride suffers. Opinions vary...

07-23-13, 01:37 AM
Hi, I have an 05 STS V8 4 with original polished 18" Cadillac rims. Yes, I have wider tires on the rear than the front.

07-24-13, 09:26 PM
Jr - The 18" wheels are all the same size; only the tires are different. With the 17's, the wheels are different widths.