: Spotted

07-19-13, 02:36 PM
Black sts-v in Maine. By the clam shack. Couldn't tell the year but definitely not an 09.


2 hours ago.

07-22-13, 03:11 PM
Could be the same car. In the underground parking lot of the intercontinental hotel in Boston a couple of hours ago.

07-22-13, 03:30 PM
My girlfriend is staying in that hotel right now I told her to keep her eyes open

07-23-13, 12:24 AM
Wasn't there before today so might be there a couple of days. It's right there downstairs by the valet booth at the parking garage hanging out with porches ferraris and amgs.

07-23-13, 07:38 AM
Figures my girlfriend sees a STS V before I do. She said why is there a car that looks like yours parked with ferraris and bentleys she didn't get the chance to snap a pic