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70 Convertible
07-18-13, 05:36 PM
Hello all,
My name is Ron and I finally purchased my first cadillac. It is a beautiful 1970 Deville Convertible in Patina Silver with blue leather interior and blue top. I bought it a few days ago and have already spent one whole day working on it and I am loving every minute of it. It only has 57,000 miles on it but she does have a few issues I will be working on.

07-18-13, 07:10 PM
Congratulations, Ron, I know you will enjoy 1970 Cadillac convertible. Convertibles of that era are hard to be for the wonderful open air feeling they provide for both passengers and driver. If I were to return to convertible ownership, I once owned a 1962 series 62 Cadillac convertible, it would have to be a sixties model!

Welcome to the Forums!

07-18-13, 07:37 PM
:welcome: Ron! The 1970 Deville Convertible is one classy car! :thumbsup:

70 Convertible
07-18-13, 07:47 PM
I will post some pictures in the near future. Right now I am just getting stuff done so I can enjy it.

07-18-13, 09:02 PM
:welcome: I think I'm jealous.

70 Convertible
07-18-13, 09:52 PM
I have changed the engine oil and filter, the tranny was rebuilt a few months ago because the old seals were leaking, and I serviced the rear which scared me because when I opened it up there was MAYBE a cup of fluid in it. Nothing looked or smelled scorched so I cleaned it with break clean and sealed her up and topped her off with additive and new fluid. I then fixed the charging problem (had the 2 plug ins on the back of the alternator crossed) and then went cruising. I have gotten a ton of looks and waves from people. When I am asked about the car...all I can do is smile and say, "It drives and rides like a true Cadillac should."

07-18-13, 10:41 PM
Here's a song i couldn't find on youtube, so i made it available. Bump this out loud when you drive around town:


Your Caddy's new theme song

70 Convertible
07-18-13, 10:52 PM
Thanks for the music. I think I will have a CD made and just do a continous loop of this song especially for the car shows.

07-19-13, 12:16 AM
Welcome! Sounds like you found yourself a good condition low mile survivor :thumbsup: Let's see it!

07-20-13, 01:05 AM
Congrats on the Deville. That was the last year of those magnificent convertibles. Those are the ultimate cruisers, long, impressive, and comfortable. Perfect for a nice evening drive.

R/T kota
07-20-13, 02:23 PM
My dad had one. After I rebuilt the top end of the engine that thing made some good power.
Who knew a 5500+ lb monster like that could lay 60 feet of rubber.

07-20-13, 02:40 PM
Yeah, those 5500 lb monsters could lay a lot of rubber .... both accelerating and decelerating! they also burned a lot of gas accelerating and rubber decelerating.

R/T kota
07-20-13, 03:48 PM
We calculated 17 mpg hiway after the rebuild. 7 mpg before. Considering the size of the car and the 472 ci engine, I thought that wasn't bad.
My 4400 lb 2002 dodge dakota R/T I had at the time could barely make that.

07-20-13, 04:30 PM
I remember the 1950's and '60's Cadillac my parents had got decent mileage (for their time)17-18 mpg on the open road. Unfortunately there wasn't a lot of "open road" in those days. It is hard to believe that when I drove from eastern Ohio to California in 1964 that most of the trip was on unlimited access roads like Route 66. The wonderful interstate system that we all love today wasn't really completed until well into the seventies.

When I used to drive between Pasadena and San Diego in my Lamborghini in the early seventies there were long sections of route that were not freeway yet. Although there was a lot of construction going on.

07-20-13, 05:51 PM
Sounds beautiful! Welcome

70 Convertible
07-26-13, 11:45 AM
Well, well, well and well.
I had another day off so of course I spent it working on the car. When the four barrels opened the poor thing would sputter and carry on and gradually increase speed. Felt like it was starved for fuel. A buddy of mine helped me take off the top of the carb and we cleaned up the crud around the accelerator pump and fixed the clip that holds the float in place (it was loose and not letting the float come up high enough). I took it for a test run and it was marginally better. I removed all the plugs and they looked great (just had to re-gap a few) and I am wondering what else could be the problem. About that time my buddy comes over to me holding the needles for the back two barrels of the carb. After installing those I went for another test run...or should I say test flight because that car took off like a rocket and I wasn't hitting it that hard. I went up the block and turned right and she broke traction. What an amazing difference when you get them tuned right.