: thanks to bbob, ranger, etc.

03-01-05, 08:15 AM
i have a 96 sts and i was looking through some previous posts to find a problem with my car. what happened was that it wasnt always starting at the first crank, and so i searched the forum and found a lot of info on replacing the FPR from these guys. i changed my regulator and now my car starts up fine. so, just wanted to throw out a thanks there :thumbsup:


03-01-05, 09:32 AM
I do not think we could ever say enough thanks to guys like them! I second it!

03-01-05, 07:21 PM
And thanks to you for following up with the forum. Too many people post a question, and put in a few updates, but never let us know what the fix turned out to be.

03-02-05, 12:44 PM
lol thanx (and no prob) zonie...

i just feel that if someone helped me out, not only should they know how much it helped me out but also how it fixed my problem...i dunno, but to me it would give a satisfactory feeling [of helping someone out]

thanks though :)


03-03-05, 12:52 PM
Glad you found the problem. It is kind of neat to be able to diagnose and correct a problem the first time, eh...???

03-03-05, 12:55 PM
haha yeah! i agree 100% :D

so this is what was going through my mind. i changed the fpr in about 15 mins. i got into my car, and for a second i thought "hm, whats the worst that can happen in case i did something wrong? :( " then i thought bout it for too long so then i actually got scared lolz. THEN, i decided to suck it up and go for it :sneaky: . i turned the key and i heard that V8 just start right up with no problem. best feeling in the world...

(thanks again)

EDIT: oh bbob, bout the plug, i was talking about that plug from the car that goes into the ac/heater unit. i was just wondering if its safe to remove that, because i think i read on this forum before that that could mess up the computer or something? that's why...