: 9 Blade Cooling Fan Blade

07-18-13, 01:26 PM
Hello Cadillac Fans!

I am hoping one of you fellows can help a Chevy guy with a problem / question?

This question is for a Chevy project I am working on and I have no point of reference / starting point to search for a particular Cadillac part. In a conversation at a show recently a fellow told me he was running a 9 blade cooling fan he took off a Cadillac in a wrecking yard. He advised that it helped enormously with a cooling problem when towing with his Big Block Chevy powered Chevy truck. The truck is a vintage 70's / 80's pickup with a 454 CI Chevy motor. Thinking about it now I should have gottenthe info from him right then and there but that was then and this is now.

So here is my question..Can someone point me toward what Cadillacs (I assume 70's 80's perhaps late 60's ) might have this 9bade fan? I know it bolts onto the clutch / declutch "hub" used on the water pump on many GM RWD cars. After that I have noclue what to look for..nothing about year and model or engine size. In short, all I know is that Cadillac had such a part. Perhaps it is part of a HD cooling package, perhaps it is standard on many Cadillacs...I can't give you much more. I wish I could. I am sure someone has this fan on an engine in their garage and I know info like this is readily available "off the top of peoples heads" for parts in the Chevy enthusiast world. My ignorance of the Cadillac parts world however leaves me scratching my head.

Any help greatly appreciated. If someone has access to Part Number info that would be terrific!!!


07-18-13, 04:54 PM
I did a little google searching and found this one. GM3112115 looks to fit a Cadillac Escalade and other GM trucks.

07-18-13, 05:15 PM
Ok but that is for very new (relatively new?) Cadillac. I think the guy I talked to was referencing something from the earlier days of Cadillac. Not sure that blade you found will fit my clutch mech. It might but a lot of things have gone metric these days. Amazing the response over here. OVer 100 people have seen this already! WOW.

I am going to dig into that part number a bit...for other readers who might have knowledge of the older Caddilacs...keep the responses coming.