: Rear air suspension leveling issues

07-18-13, 01:23 PM
I have a 2007 EXT

A few months back, I had LR shock changed out due to a leak. All seems to work fine, until just last week I had the RR changed out. Both have been changed with factory OEM parts. Since I changed shocks, riding is smooth again.
Now heres were the problem was noticed. I tow my boat every weekend. Once trailer is hitched on. I hear the compressor kick on to level the truck out. Once I unhitch the trailer, I can notice the truck rear sits very high in a locked out position. Usually, after a minute after I unhitch the trailer, I can hear the air release to level out the truck. This is no longer happening, nor does the compressor kick on after restarting the truck.
I have no fault error codes, I have tried disconnecting the battery to reset, I checked all fuses, and I manually unpluged the air line into the shock. This does release the air, and after I did that the compressor kicked back on to level the truck. Now leveled in normal driving positon, I do not hear my compressor kick on everytime truck is started. But being that the air was released, If I throw the trailer back on, it will level out the truck. Problem seems to happen after trailer is unhitched. I hope someone else has ran into this problem, and has a answer to fix. I would like to advise my mechanic, because he has never came across this problem.

07-18-13, 03:03 PM
I had the exact same problem, after changing out the compressor twice.. (I assumed it was the exhaust solenoid on the pump) long story short, I had to replace ECM module or air ride module , located under the spare tire , mounted to frame, It basically controls everything for the air ride

07-22-13, 10:27 PM
Thanks for the info, I'll see if my mechanic could try swaping it out. Not sure if I tackle it on my own, and if its not the problem I'd hate to be stuck with a part I dont need.