: Where is a VSS wire on an 08 DTS? (trying to upgrade to factory NAV)

07-17-13, 10:39 PM
Hi Everyone - I just bought a Level III 2008 DTS which had everything I wanted except the factory NAV. Well, I bought a NAV unit on eBay along with a kit to hook up the 3rd connector (VSS mainly) along with a NAV disc and GPS antenna but without a service manual I'm not sure where the most convenient VSS wire is (originating from the PCM I presume) to attach the NAV up to it. If you happen to know off hand please reply to let me know. I just got the NAV's Theftlock reset and am about to try plugging it in to see what happens.

I'm pretty sure the stock BOSE stereo doesn't have a VSS input on either connector that's behind the radio. If it does, that would be fantastic. Another thought I had was the front & rear sensors' module, which I know is in the trunk on 00-05 Devilles so perhaps it is still there on the DTS too.


07-18-13, 06:56 PM
Here you go
Post number 7. Picture is small. Save it to your computer and open it up and magnify it. Very easy install