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07-17-13, 09:21 PM
I am trying to figure out how to burn a music cd. let me explain as i am not technology advanced and somewhat computer illete:hmm:rate. I have a bunch of music on my computer, put in the blank cd. screen poped up asking if I wantd to burn cd. So i did and all the songs was copied to the cd. now here's the problem. put cd in 12 disc cd changer in trunk and car did not recogonize cd. I know it works cause I got store bought cd's and they play just fine. asked a friend about it and he said It has to be burned in CDA format and have to use certain cd's or the car may not recogonize because it is a 1997. Can anybody tell me a program I can get and which cd's to buy so I can burn the cd's.
thank you

07-17-13, 09:35 PM
Your friend is correct. Your model/year doesn't read mp3 files. you'll get 10-12 songs max usually per CD btw. So buy a big stack. Your easier option esp if you have BOSE is to use N*Caddy inline aux input and an mp3 player.
I use Nero, Windows Media player will burn them also IIRC, do a quick google there are alot available for free.

07-17-13, 10:37 PM
yes I seen the thread about the aux jack and I can say without a doubt I am not that talanted. If I tried that it would probably never work again, not to mention the damage I would probably do to other things. for me it always just seems best to keep it stock so I know it works and then if I have problems i can always tell the shop it has never been messed with. it just seems to be that when things start messing up a shop charges you more cause they have to look through all the things that you changed to see if it caused the problem. for me personally 12 cd's is enough music to last most trips I will take. i will look for the computer programs to burn the cd's correctly, thank you for the advice

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07-18-13, 11:12 PM
hello everybody,
got it working, bought new cd/r music cds and used cdburnerxp like vincentm suggested and it worked like a charm, thanks everybody for the advice.