: new to the site have a few ?'s

07-17-13, 11:40 AM
I've got a 94 fwb has has a little over 105k on it and was thinking of changeing out the spark plugs and wires what plugs would you guys recommend ? Also any write ups on this the driver side looks easy enough but the passanger side looks like a pain any help is greatly appreciated
2nd ? Is can I change out the rear air shocks to some regular style shocks such as autozones gabriel ultras ? Again any info appreciated

07-17-13, 11:58 AM
As long as the physical dimensions of the shocks are the same you can run aftermarket air shocks. Don't be intimidated by the plugs, they are a pain but totally possible with a socket and a box end wrench for a few. (I have a special Snap-On plug socket but I really didn't use it.) As far as the wires I used the Accel 8.8's from Jeg's and they fit well but I didn't stray from the OE Delco plugs.

07-17-13, 12:11 PM
Thanks for the info as far as plugs go should I go for the coppers or platinum or double platinums

07-17-13, 04:57 PM
You could change the plugs with AC Delco, would be best for these engines. Single Platinum is what I have used works good. I believe My 95 came with single Plats anyhow. Wires, I have found that the OEM AC Delcos work good. As they are 8mm which is plenty good and still fit in the holder looms. I like to change out the wires when I do the Opti. Otherwise its hard to get in there and put them on good, but can be done, and I do not change Opti.'s if they are running smooth. Done too many when didnt need them.

Good Luck.