: 4ch amp install help

02-28-05, 10:17 AM
Hello everyone try to stay with me on this. I purchased a JL 500/5 to amp the whole audio system in the car. Originally I was going to use the hi level inputs from the stock U66 amp to the JL. I noticed a problem I may run into with this. At the factory amp the signal is split for the front tweets and the front mids. Originally I had thought I could just hi level the front mid wires into the JL amp but as miscreant informed me this is not the case and i would lose out on the higher frequencies. My question is, has anyone used this c24-GM24 PAC interface with the U66 amp? Would I need 2 GM24 interfaces if i want to do 4ch? Can I just use 1 to merge the tweet and mid signal from the amp and then just do hi level in for the rest? (rear and sub ch) Is it possible to merge the tweet and mid from the stock amp into the 1 hi level for the fronts? I know theres a few questions, I hope a few of the audiophiles on here would be able to help me. Thanks!