: Google Now / Google Voice Search via the bluetooth connection??

07-16-13, 09:58 AM
i've searched and can't find a clear answer.... does the current software on CUE support this? how do i set it up??

it seems that Siri MIGHT be supported for this...

07-16-13, 04:45 PM
what i tried to do about that so far is mess with an app called tasker. it lets u set certain tasks to do if certain commands are pressed. im trying to figure out a way of how to run google now voice if a certain number is called. like u set up a contact in ur phone called "google" and u assign a number to that contact as 1 lets just say. then u press ur bluetooth steering button and say "call google". it will dial 1 and this will trigger it to go to a task that will take it to google voice. thats one way to do this.

07-16-13, 06:08 PM
no it doesn't work, Cadillac left it off or forgot, let me explain....

Cadillac says siri works, but it only half works, it seems siri and CUE are aware of each other when siri is activated, and siri is almost a little more pro active in the interest of communicating with someone who is driving, she says different things and acts a little differently.

that said they forgot the button press, so you have to actually touch your phone to activate her.

how it used to work (and still does in CTS and Escalade) is:

1) press wheel button-----> car says something like "ready"
2) you say "hands free"-----> car says "hands free ready"
3) you say "voice"-----> car issues a virtual button press to your phone and passes control to it, at this point your talking to your phone not the car

the command 'voice' is the button press, something CUE cannot do, and a glaring omission in a system that's designed to keep your hands on the wheel and drivers ticket free by not playing with their phones.....DOH!!!

this is for all phones not just IOS devices