: How can i checkifmy cts has a recall?

07-15-13, 03:15 PM
2007 cts recall due to timing chain failure ?
And also need to reprogram my engine control module to prevent early timing chain failure ?

07-15-13, 03:52 PM
any dealer (such as myself) can run your VIN and see if there are any open recalls or campaigns

the timing chain issue that you are talking about (at least what i think you're talking about) is a warranty extension that covers you for an extended period of time past the bumper to bumper warranty for just one particular repair (in this case it's the timing chains)

there was a recall in relation to the timing chains but that was just a software reprogramming that did a few things to try and keep the timing chain failures from happening
one of those things was shortening the oil life monitor so people who never check their oil level will not run out of oil and damage their engines between oil changes
another was to change the value of chain slack monitored by the chain tensioner that would provoke a check engine light
there were probably other changes but those are the only ones that i know of

if you email me your VIN i will send you your warranty info and vehicle build sheet in PDF format

08-24-13, 04:00 PM
Im sure checking with deslership is the best way for recalls but ive had 2 seperate insursance companies that would provide me any recals and tsbs on all my vehicles


Or just email rippy amd all is dolvrd


Solved that is still getting used to tablet typing