: Some speaker questions

02-26-05, 09:48 PM
I have a 97 Deville that I want to invest some money into. Right now I have 2 12's that sound ok but I want to get rid of those and update my whole system. I already have an aftermarket radio. I want to put a speaker in the dash board, there is a space there but no speaker. I want to change the front door and rear speakers. Which 10' or 12' are the good ones around ? I know price is a factor but just throw some suggestions at me. My main concern is really high quality sound, I don't care for the power as long as it sound good. Thanks

03-05-05, 04:31 PM
Im using an Infinity kappa perfect 12.1 with a Alpine MRD 301 amp. Just installing it now, will let u know how its sounds. Got both on ebay brand new, amp was 150 with shipping, and sub was 120 with shipping. If it doesnt sound all that loud i was thinking about doubling the same setup.

03-06-05, 11:26 AM
Well got that infinity all hooked up now. Wow i cant believe that thing is a 12". If you could drive around with the trunk open, you would never need more than one. As soon as you close the trunk, the bass gets cut in half. Still sounds good though, deep rich bass esp on the deep tones. I LOVE infinity. I have had kickers before, but this is way better for the way i like my music. I LOVE the class D alpine amp also, you dont get huge headlight fade.