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07-15-13, 12:03 PM
I have a chip/dent on the Chrome trim on the driver side running board Item #5 from the diagram below:


Does anyone know if I need to take the running board off to replace this piece? or is this price just glued on? any advice would be great.

SpyShops NY
07-15-13, 05:38 PM
No you don't have to take off the running board just pull out with flat head. Make sure to clean out all the dirt, pressure clean if possible. There are two pieces, you can only change the one that is messed up or both. It is advised to change both costs around 250 for both. If one of your pieces are in good condition than change one. It is easy to do in the front piece there is a little plastic cap that snaps in so you need needle nose pliers to take out and but back in. I have a 08 and wow did it make a difference. I am tempted to change the passenger side as well. But I have other priority's now I need to repaint the back and front bumper and change the rear shocks.

07-17-13, 06:35 PM
@SpyShops NY Awesome Thx!

SpyShops NY
07-17-13, 11:40 PM
I did it and now I am tempted to do the right side, but I have to paint the front bumper first I hit a fire hydrant :(