: Should i buy deal or no deal?

07-15-13, 12:11 AM
Okay hey guys im no stranger im from the deville FWD forum i currently have a 04 DTS anyway i want to upgrade theres a guy selling a 2005 STS in white dimond its his elderly fathers hes selling because his father bought a benz, its cashmere inside northstar V8 with AWD option it includes the 1SG package $13,000 which to my knowledge means its fully loaded he even has the window sticker 17,000 worth of options on top of the $47,000 price tag it has 47,000 miles on it and he wants $16,000 so what u guys think anything i should look for? also what are the main issues with these cars? as im new to the new caddy gen though i know the northstar engine im stoked lol

07-15-13, 01:09 AM
Pending on condition and record sounds like a decent price. 15000 I go for it.

07-15-13, 01:17 AM
thats what price i thought id offer condition is flawless looks brand new and owner says it aswell carfax is clean only thing is it had 36,000 miles in sept 2012 so its been driven over 13,000 in the last year alone almost half of its 8 year life miles where drivin this past year what u think even though thats average?

07-15-13, 01:21 AM
Finding a low mileage 1sg is few and far between. V6s outsold v8 80/20 split. Others will chime if it has acc and HUD don't turn back. I for one dislike acc so I avoided it. I wanted HUD though and one of these days ill stop being so lazy and actually complete my retrofit.

07-15-13, 01:27 AM
Howard beach. Cool I'm originally from Whitestone. Anyway, before my current car I had an 07 sts v8 and before that a 04 Dts. Definitely an upgrade. The car seems to be the total package. I would go for it. My only thing is u would try for a 07+ v8 because those have the 6 speed but its no big deal. Especially if you have the heads up display like 1badcad is saying. Do it.

07-15-13, 01:28 AM
i dont think it has the ACC though i drive mostly city so dont use CC but dont see it on the options sticker just the 1SG package (Which looks like it included everything but the kichen sink lol) and AWD option which ive never driven a AWD is it a better option then a RWD STS? i see u cant get the peformence handling package with a AWD STS only a RWD one im in NY so we get some bad winters guess AWD aint bad but which is better and what is the peformence handling package?

07-15-13, 01:30 AM
Up in ny I never see RWD Benz caddies or bummers. They're all awd which is a good thing up there. Does it have the heads up display?



07-15-13, 01:36 AM
Handling package gave it v series brembo brakes 6 lug wheels and summer only tires. Very rare.

07-15-13, 01:44 AM
The HUD is part of the ACC package idk if it has it i dont see it on the option sticker i have to ask the seller, yeh the handling package only comes on the RWD ones though so anything i should know about these cars its a whole new beast for me and what about everyones favorite engine that people love to hate should i worry about HG issues on the LH2 i know on my 04 DTS i didnt worry because i know i had the upgraded headbolts but the thought was always there lol

07-15-13, 02:47 AM
i also know that 07 was the last year before a minor redesign in 08 when they tried to make the STS match more of caddys line up but to me the 07 and early years look better the bigger grill looks goofy in my opinion

07-15-13, 06:23 AM
Yep that's why I aimed for the sweet spot of 2007. But I really can't decide. Some days I like the 08+ some days not. Overall it's a sleeker looking grille though.

07-15-13, 11:01 AM
I have this exact car, at least the colors, but the 1SF package, and while I wanted the different brakes/wheels initially, for my commute, which is pretty much all I use it for, the SF does me just fine.

Make sure, when you drive it, to take it over a speed bump at a fairly slow speed to make certain the rear does not bounce excessively. I don't know if the MRC strut failures are time or mileage-related, but parts alone are about $1200.

Thankfully, they're not difficult to change...well, not really.

The only SF options I don't have are the lower rear diff ratio and the HUD/ACC, which I don't care much about, anyway. Actually, I don't want the ACC, much like 1BadCadSTS.

For comparison, mine had 87K on it...I think, two years ago...I gave 13K, though it quite literally did not have a scratch on it.

I now have one disturbingly large door ding. Reminds me, I need to get paintless dent removal done on that. It bugs me every time I see it, and it's on the driver's door.

07-15-13, 11:57 AM
Yeh dont think it has the ACC it has a reguler grill not the black emblem for the rader which is good in a way because i was going to put a platium edition grill on it anyway thats why when i bought my 04 DTS i didnt want the NV option ether it looks stupid looking with the hole and the black plastic emblem on the STS looks cheezy not to mention its not exactly a cheap thing to fix when it goes screwy since u cant go to joe garage on the corner to fix it i dont go to dealers after i buy my car since there not CPO anyway

07-15-13, 12:07 PM
I have a barely used plat grille if your interested. Put it on used it 2 mths got a great deal on an e&g mesh so I swapped it.

07-15-13, 12:27 PM
No head gasket issues with the northstar anymore. Now the v6 is the problem. Well before 2010 at least. Timing chain failures.

07-15-13, 09:34 PM
I doubt it has the V brakes. That's very rare, w' 6 lugs.

It's a bit pricey to me if no ACC & HUD. Those are make-or-break in my book.