View Full Version : I got the Fleetwood back today!

02-26-05, 01:41 PM
It seems to run fine, I dont notice any major differences.

It seems to me how ever that the engine is a little rough, it seems to vibrate a little bit, I got out and popped the hood and watch and it seems to be shaking around a little, I put my hand on the top plastic part(dont know what its called) and it feels like something is bouncing around in there, although I cant hear anything.

Acceleration is fine, no power loss at all, still has that lag of being stuck in a high gear when I put my foot down, did this at 80 or 85 MPH. Im waiting for the smell of tranny fluid to be burned off, looks like they spilled some putting it in.

Its been 2 weeks since I have driven it, it feels like I just got a brand new car after driving a Ford Taurus for the past two weeks. Power, the ride, and everything I love about my car is back. I love stomping on it at 30 mph, it just screams to life.

02-26-05, 02:44 PM
Don't tell everyone about that shaking then they may want it! (ok so that hardly applies)

Good to hear the Caddy's back and it's going well. Now after driving a Ford Dr. Spock prescribes many hours crusing around in the caddy!

02-26-05, 04:18 PM
well congrats on getting it back. i couldnt stand to be away from my Fleetwood, dont know how you did it.