: Remote Start?

07-14-13, 02:06 PM
How far away can you be and still start the car with remote.
At work, I park about 50'to75' away from the office entrance.
Thank You

07-14-13, 02:16 PM
50-75 is well within the range of the remote start capabilities. If it doesn't work, I'd change the batteries.

See if you can lock/unlock, or sound the emergency horn from that distance.

07-14-13, 06:05 PM
I've been 100 ft.+ from mine and started it successfully...I've replaced the battery but still find it to be hit or miss from a distance, espcecially if I can't see it to confirm the parking lights stay on...

07-14-13, 06:30 PM
The manual says 200 feet I believe. I've done it over a hundred feet away and through a garage, around corners it's pretty far. And even though you press the lock once and hit the start button to start the car, I double tap the lock button so I can hear the horn blow. This tells me I'm in range and that my car will start.

07-14-13, 07:31 PM
I read somewhere that they are good up to 300 feet. I've started our STS's from the third or fourth floor of motels around 200 feet away. There are some tricks to extend the distance, but I've never had any trouble.


I couldn't find a distance quoted in the 2005-2007 manuals.

07-14-13, 09:41 PM
Yep you're right. I don't know where the heck I read that.