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cadillac kevin
07-14-13, 01:54 PM
Hey guys, I was wondering how do you remove the hood release from the kick panel? I would like to try my hand at custom kick panel speaker enclosures (using junkyard kick panels of course) but have no idea how to get the hood release cable out of the kick panel.

07-15-13, 12:10 AM
Which caddy? If the 87, the cable will have to come all the way out to get the panel out. I just swapped mine, its easy-ish but you cant get it out without pulling it through from the engine to the cabin. The panel has one screw and the door sill comes off too. Its bolted to the firewall on the engine side also and the little bolt can be kinda hard to get to.

07-15-13, 12:42 AM
The hood release cable is all one piece, so the only way to remove it from the kick panel would be to remove it from the hood latch.

To remove the release cable, you have to disengage it from the latch assembly. Then you remove the screws holding the release cable to the to the kick panel, the sill screws and sill plate, and the screws holding the shroud to the kick panel. Then you need to remove the parking brake bracket and slide the cable and shroud through the opening in the kick panel. There's a retaining clip, and you snap the cable out of it and pull it out in the release direction.

You should block the release mechanism, so that the hood cannot close (you won't get it open). You could probably put a shortened cable between the radiator and grill, and make the hood release accessible through the slats in the grill.