: 1992 sedan deville rocks!

02-26-05, 12:04 AM
This is my first caddy. I got it for $1400. it is an american unit with 172,00 miles on it. I have had it for a year. It is so comfy and fast. I love to smoke the little punks in their hyper pop cans with my old grampa car. HAHA!
The engine was well maintained and runs like a top. totally reliable even though it was a southern car and has been in the -30 degree cold in canada for 3 years now. Damn reliable car. I had on ly one letdown. The ABS pump went ( like any old car will) and the front caliper stuck on and I had a friction fire. Since then I have had a worsening shake in the front end. The mechanic says the rotor is ok but i think its that or a wheel bearring. I have replaced a driveshaft and a motor mount and the shake is still there. It is worst at 50 mile per hour and above.
If i ever solve this mystery, I will keep her forever. I love the luxury and speed. I tell my co-workers I get 0 city and 1 highway. but you get what you pay for. Its an awesome car. I hope I can afford a new caddy someday or even better.. a really old one. like a 62 ragtop nice sled. Get a 92 deville. it rocks!:p

02-26-05, 12:09 AM
If i ever solve this mystery, I will keep her forever.

You could post your symptoms in the suspension section and see if anyone else experienced this? They might know what to suggest.

What's wrong with your fuel data center?? I get awsome gas mileage! You probably get better gas mileage than most mid-sized cars.

My 4.9 gets upwards of 30 hwy and 17-20 city.