: Extended Mileage Oil

02-25-05, 10:51 PM
I recall many posts and arguments about Amsoil and how you should never listen to them and run your car at 20,000 (or whatever they advertise) miles between oil changes. I agree with the beleif fully. And especially how Amsoil is rather shady in some aspects. So, Even more reason to detest their claims.


Now Pennzoil is advertisng their own extended mileage oils. like 15,000 miles or something. Now, when a company like Amsoil claims that, many just ignore it. but when a rather reputable company such as Pennzoil claims the same...it made me think. Is there something we are not taking into consideration?

I still would never do this in my car. Especially because it's an older car, so the oil will still become incredibly dirty, and that is my main worry. The Oil may stay in tack and whatnot, but the filth it carry's with is what I don't like.

On a very clean running engine, perhaps?


03-01-05, 08:17 PM
I still think every 3000 is the way to go, until extended mileage oil becomes the norm, especially since I have 100,000+ miles.