: Out with the Old V1 and in with the New V2

07-14-13, 08:33 AM
Well Guys i know i did not post a whole lot here but I did enjoy hangin out . I sold my 07 V1 to the first guy that looked at it. Posted both here in the classifieds and on Craigslist. I think we both got a pretty good deal, Got my asking price for the car. Loved this car but it was time to move into a V2 .So bought an 2011 V2 Sedan in Thunder grey , automatic, Recaros. Pano Sunroof ,the works! Can't wait! So it looks like I'll be hangin out over in the V2 section now . Take care everyone and hope to enjoy it as much over there as i have here! Heres a few pics of both old and new. The V2 is coming out of Texas sometime next week guess you could tell by the background.


07-14-13, 09:17 AM
Congrats enjoy the extra HP !

07-14-13, 11:14 PM
I am excited for you, and envious for myself! Congratulations!!

07-15-13, 09:30 AM
Congrats on the new ride! I love Thunder Gray. Not surprised the V1 was snapped up quickly, looked like an excellent deal.

07-15-13, 01:24 PM
Good stuff we are all grape jelly about the HP bump.

I'm assuming the new owner kept the Boze wheels wheels on?

07-15-13, 01:36 PM
Is the car coming from Texas direct auto? That pic looks familiar.

07-15-13, 02:15 PM
Yep thats were the car is from

07-15-13, 02:34 PM
^^^ Yes Thats right. They really have been great to deal with! But still a little nervous about spending this much $$$ on a car that i have not seen in person!:suspense: But they say its damn near perfect! And I'm pretty anal about chit so it better be!


Good stuff we are all grape jelly about the HP bump.

I'm assuming the new owner kept the Boze wheels wheels on?

Yes Buyer liked the wheels on it plus i gave him the stock set as well! Plus all new rear bushing i had not even installed. I just wanted a quick sale and not have to sit on it another couple weeks with the new one coming end of the week. but really did'nt think it would sell in a day!:(

07-27-13, 02:32 AM
You'll regret it. lol...

07-31-13, 09:42 AM
You'll regret it. lol...

So far i have'nt!:lildevil: It's nice to be able to do a fat-ass smokey burnout without any wheel-hop finally!:yup: