: Pros & Cons Cadillac 4.6 vs Ford 4.6 (eg lincoln mark viii and others)

07-14-13, 07:52 AM
Which Engine is the best - which can I hope to live
longest - pros & cons?

My 1993 N* was taken apart and rebuilt except bottom part
and piston rings which were good. I had/still have a brand
new OEM Engine which I can keep

Engine was out because the infamous N* oil leak at
oil manifold baffle against block.

There was NO Tendency of HG leak (at normal cyl 1)
and I used the original A F for more than 10 years (green)
then I replaced it with DexCool.

After the rebuild I use Peak - and am also recommended
Blue Mountain.

A shop here says they a couple of customers with
+ 150,000 without problems - many here have blown
their HGs.

Why are N* blowing HGs - mine did not.

ANTIRUST - Union Carbide or STP (looks like milk)

Anyone can explain what this "milk" is or how good
or bad?

07-14-13, 08:43 AM
It all depends on whether you want to drive a Ford product or a GM product, because neither engine will function in the other branded vehicle. So the comparison is moot.

Engine repairs and longevity ?? Given time, mileage, overhaul, and maintenance ANY automotive gasoline engine will go over 1,000,000 miles - even a real Volvo ! (of course, by then only a few nuts and bolts will be original)

Every cooling system additive by every manufacturer has so many different ingredients that it's almost impossible to predict which combination will result in the correct magic potion for your engine in your climate under your driving conditions............ and NO coolant manufacturer recommends running the same coolant (without cleaning and replacement) for 10 years.

07-14-13, 11:58 AM
Not all Northstars blow head gaskets. You see a lot here because it's a help! forum, and A LOT of Northstars seem to have been neglected.

07-14-13, 02:59 PM
I have a Northstar (2000) and a Ford 4.6L modular (1999) which is not the high performance 4.6 though. Just the 2 valve engine. Never had a problem with both engine.
But the Ford modular has 155k on it and the N* 60k miles.

Which engine has more "spirit"?- The Northstar!
Which engine do I trust more? - The Ford Modular V8!

07-14-13, 06:31 PM
As far as the engines themselves, I'll side with the Ford. It manages the same performance and efficiency without the drama queen attitude (That's not to say it doesn't have it's own problems). No significant sacrifice. Unfortunately, they were installed in sub-par cars.

I'll take a Ford Intech V8 drivetrain on a GM platform. The best of both worlds.

07-15-13, 06:15 AM
I'm very happy with the Marauder's 32v 4.6L V8. Great performance, great reliability, decent fuel economy.